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Year 4 excursion (Small)edited

Fours Go to Freo for Duyfken

Our Year 4 students and teachers had an eventful excursion to Perth last week.  They travelled to Fremantle to see the Duyfken and other historical sites as part of their inquiry.  They worked hard fundraising to cut the travel costs down and Mrs Hickey would like to thank you for supporting those fundraisers.  Here is a slideshow created […]

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Year 4 Infographics

Ms Robb’s year 4 students in T5 have been developing their IT skills, creating infographics to show their understanding of their inquiry topic.  Infographics are visual representations of data or research.  A great deal of research goes into the creation of a good infographic. Ms Robb says Over the past couple of weeks the T5’s […]

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