Inquiry Model

“Our Inquiry Learning Framework provides students with the chance to develop transferable skills that will enable them to engage with a complex world and navigate the challenges they will inherit. Students develop their ow specific abilities, smarts and interests through a framework that allows everybody to engage with the curriculum in a meaningful and purposeful way.”

Year level teams work collaboratively to develop biannual series of inquiry units that reflect the curriculum but which also aim to incorporate the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG), to make learning authentic and to incorporate the vitally important final reflective stage of each Inquiry – the So What?

“We believe that through teaching our students to think globally and act locally, we can make the world an amazing place. The UNSDG represent the “so what?” for our school. Students understand the impact that they can have on each of these goals through working together and becoming the very best person that they can be.” (MRPS Business Plan)