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Bee-Bop-a-Lula Award

  This week’s Bee-Bop-a-Lula Award goes to………. Year 3 Room 5! Ms Helen and  Bo Bo said it was for… fabulous co-operation and enthusiasm whilst beat boxing.  Great recordings and interesting beatboxes.  boot s and cats i/ repeated, immersed you, and from this you made cool beat boxes. Written and posted by D.Veary 0 Favorite

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Girls Fun Run (Small)

Fun Run 2018

After a week of rain and storms, we all heaved a huge sigh of relief when the day of the Fun Run dawned with a watery sun but clear!  The cooler weather was perfect for running and the whole school geared up for the much anticipated event on the oval.  Years 3 to 6 were […]

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Mini Margies News

Kindy Celebrates Father’s Day

On Tuesday 28th August and Thursday 30th August Kindy dads were invited to Kindy to be spoilt by their child. The Father’s Day treat was a huge success! They enjoyed making ‘Kindy’ Surprises at the Make It table, getting a tattoo at the Tattoo Parlour, had a ‘World’s Greatest Dad’ crown made for them, building […]

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Will Dallimore and William Temby Year 6 Sem 2 2018 MRPS (Small)

Music is Fun at IMMS

After completing a memory assessment task on their respective trumpet and trombone, Year 6 Brass Instrument students Will D. and William T. enjoyed a few moments of musical craziness for this impromptu photo shoot. Music is one of those learning areas which touches so many of our emotional smarts.   Photos by Wendy Armstrong (IMMS […]

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