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STEM Science Inquiry in T12

Our class has been learning about the Light Spectrum and investigating the reflection, refraction and absorption of light waves.  The materials we have used include stage lights, mirrors, various liquids and a variety of dense films. We have linked our inquiry topic, “Jandamurra of the Kimberley at Tunnel Creek” into this scientific investigation.  Students have […]

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Year 5s see Stars at Scitech

Last week the Year 5s went on an excursion to Perth to Scitech to visit the Planetarium where they watched  The Horizon Show.  They learned all about the planets and watched a movie about the climate and weather on different planets.  One thing they discovered is that planets do have weather, although it’s more extreme […]

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Meeting the Scitech Team

​This is an article written by Year 3, Room 6 Dolphinkids Blog journalist, Sasha H, who has extended her blogging skills this term.  She does a great job!  😎 Guess what? On Friday 26th of October, Scitech came to visit Margaret River Primary School. Room 6 was lucky enough to be one of the Year […]

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The Cape to Cape Catchment Group, with Rotary sponsorship, are working with our Year 3 classes to create an environmental awareness of “Our Patch”, including the Margaret River.  Tracey Muir is the project co-ordinator and she recently led our Year 3 students on an excursion to Rotary Park.  While there students investigated the difference between […]

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Science became ‘cool’ and real for our Year 7 students today when they spoke face-to-face (via Skype) with Science guru, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki.  Mr Morrison set up the Question and Answer session which was held in the school library.  Year 7 students prepared questions they wanted to ask the celebrity scientist, ranging right across the spectrum, […]

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