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Perfect Waves for 2018 Faction Surfing Carnival

Our Faction Surfing Carnival was held on Friday 6 April at Inside Grunters in perfect offshore conditions. We couldn’t have asked for better conditions which allowed both the more experienced surfers an opportunity to show their skills and the developing surfers the chance to paddle into waves that were perfect for their ability level. It […]

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Garden Gates

Kitchen Garden News – T7

Watering the Garden On Thursday 22nd of March, I went to Garden with my class T7, Mr Murray, Terri and Sol’s mum. Firstly, we sat down on the foam mat and listened to Terri. She said that the rooster had been moved to a farm and we had new Motorbike Frogs (which was cool). Later, […]

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Bee-Bop-a-Lula Award

This week the final Bee-Bop-a-Lula Award for Term 1 was awarded to… Year 3, Room 6!! Ms Campbell said it was for: your Rumba dancing feet in the music room this week!  You quickly learned the 4 -beat series of rumba movements and could dance in time to the music.  It is also pleasing to […]

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Dreamcatchers Debut!

Ms Helen gave our 2018 Dreamcatchers an introduction to public performance when they led the school in singing Advance Australia Fair and our School Song recently. They did a great job, not showing any nerves and confidently leading in both songs. Here they are with their first performance for the year, and we hope this […]

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