Editor’s Comment:

Over the past fortnight, a team of Year 4 journalists from T5 have worked collaboratively to produce these news reports to share what they do in Kitchen and Garden.  They did a fabulous job with their first reports and at this time, being motivated to work in our gardens and remembering to cook using seasonal produce we might have on hand, is a welcome suggestion for us all.  I’ll publish their reports over two days: – Garden, then Kitchen.


Wow!  A new year and a new start to our fabulous Kitchen Garden. We’ve just had our wonderful Honesty Stall built, where you can buy fresh produce from our garden.
Kitchen Garden News from T5 9
Our Garden Specialist, Terri, said:
The Honesty Stall integrates learning for our students. It encourages spelling, writing, small business skills, money handling, basic maths, team work, and of course it helps students to gain some understanding of our community and think of those people less fortunate than themselves.
Our Year 4 class has been collecting the waste around the school – weighing it, chopping it up and feeding it the worms. In return they’ve been giving us healthy soil to help make the garden grow. Look how great the garden is today!
Kitchen Garden News from T5 10
Some of  the jobs the classes have been doing during Garden lessons are: moving our chickens named Midnight, Caramello and Marshmellow to their day pen and cleaning their coop.
Kitchen Garden News from T5 11
We’ve also been picking fresh red tomatoes for the kitchen, moving compost piles, harvesting sunflower seeds, weeding and preparing the veggie beds for planting.
Kitchen Garden News from T5 12
We love our time in the garden!
Written by Kesava, Zoe.C and Betty (T5); Photos by Journalists and Terri; Posted by D. Veary