What a great report from our students on our fabulous Kitchen Garden.  Thank you to Geoff Mcleod and a special thanks to our Student Kitchen Garden Journalists, Meg Mc and Eva W .   Well done, girls!

I loved the cooperation in my group (the Marvelous Mushrooms).  We cooked Pizza Margarita. The head chef Sarah told us how we were going to do it.

First, she told us to wash our hands in hot soapy water.  Secondly, she told us to get our aprons on. Thirdly she told us gather around the harvest tables. Kitchen Garden News - T5 11

Then we got into our groups of 4.  In my group there is Dylan (the group’s head chef), Seb, Eva and myself.

The first step was to gather the ingredients. They were tomato sauce, cheese and basil.Kitchen Garden News - T5 12

Next, we took turns rolling out the dough. The two boys folded it so it made a funny shape! After that we spread the tomatoe sauce evenly on the pizza base.  Then we sprinkled cheese on top.  Then we left it in the oven for 20 minutes.  When it came out, we put some torn basil on top.Kitchen Garden News - T5 13

And I bet you can guess what we did next!  You got it…we ate it!  Yum yum yum!  I really enjoyed it!

(Written by Meg Mc)

Garden Report 

Yesterday we had Garden.

Kitchen Garden News - T5 14 The Marvellous Mushrooms had to do the chickens.  Firstly, we transported them into the chicken run.  Secondly, we mucked out the coops.  Phew!  It stank like a thousand stink bugs that got scared.  Thirdly, we raked up the rotten food into a bucket.  Then I put it into the compost.  Lastly we put new straw in the coop.  I think our group did it wonderfully.Kitchen Garden News - T5 15

(Written by Eva W.)

Comments from T5:

I reckon my group went great.  We worked well together to make the seasoned salad….Cassidy

I like chickens. They’re funny and fluffy. I think our group did a great job with the chickens and cleaning out the coop…..Seb

I think the Brilliant Broccolis did a good job and Ivy was a good head chef……Khloe

I like the salad but I would have liked it even more if it was a bit sweeter……..Alby

Garden was fun this week. Our group worked well together. I enjoyed harvesting the garlic. There was a Giant Russian variety, the Coles and our organic garlic…..Ophelia

I reckon my group did a great job planting the Finger Lime. It was placed in a sunny, sheltered area and we filled the hole with new soil.

When we were digging the hole we dug into a large ants nest and I was bitten lots………Keelan

I really liked today. It was epic. The thing I enjoyed the most was when I got to eat the pizza with my Brilliant Broccoli members……Jarrah

I think if we had a bit more time we would have finished picking out all the sunflower seeds…..Matt


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