It is term two now and everyone’s getting excited waiting for the winter food to grow. We all want to see what is happening in the garden… SO LET’S!!

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Let’s see what Susie’s group is up to today… Today Susie’s group is planting bronze potatoes, delicious dill outside the garden and bright green kale. Susie’s group was also getting wet and wild with watering the freshly planted seedlings. Then suddenly out of nowhere Lana and Holly found a very colourful vegetable bug.

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Did you know one kale can be separated into five small ones but it needs extra hydration? Also, we were doing a bit of writing up with the stakes for all our new seedlings. Every plant needs one!!  It was bugs galore with the ant infestation.  Every ant must have come!!

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Today we had one all-boy group.  Let’s go and find out what mischief they have been up to in the garden…

In Ms Angell’s group we have Harry, Mat, Aaron, Kohan, Timon, Noah, Aidan, Jasper and Lachlan. Today they were focusing mainly on planting beetroot and got a couple of facts out of it like, did you know that beetroot holes have to be 15cm apart from each other? Towards the end Noah and Justin were awarded Best Behaved, being chosen by Ms Angell herself to plant the lovely Tsoi Sim.

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The kids were on bug patrol and got to spread some snail and caterpillar pellets all over the garden. We think they did a great job at keeping those pests from eating all our fresh vegetables. Also guess what?  We got to use something a bit different – secateurs. We got snipping at those bay leaves to get them down for kitchen. YUM!!

Today we got to plant some purple beetroot and shiny onions. We’re hoping to see those in the kitchen soon. I think everyone who was in Jenny’s group was a bit tired because they were everywhere!!  But they definitely did a great job!!

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I think today everyone had a thoroughly great time in the garden and Jenny’s group had a fun time using the secateurs. Everyone’s hoping to see those winter plants in the kitchen soon!

These are some comments by students in T4:


Keale: The ants were crawling all over my arms.


Lana: That you can harvest and plant things that you can eat afterwards in kitchen.


Jarvis: I like that you get to get out of the class room and be active.


Written and photos by Lulu G., Lily M. and Taya R. in T4; Posted by D. Veary


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