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Three students in Room 6 took on the task of being journalists for our recent Year 3 excursion.  Here is what they wrote!  (Keira McC, Violet L. and Inji P. )  Great job, girls!  🙂

On Monday the 5th May all the Year 3s went to the Margaret River Weir to learn about Australian animals and their habitats.  When we got there the Year 3 classes split into three groups:  Emus, Possums and Kangaroos.

The Possums:
When Ange took us to the Margaret River Weir, I learnt lots about the Margaret River and also about all the animals in the river. Tracey told our group “The Possums” about all the different types of trees.  There were lots of them! Their names were Karri, Jarrah, Redgum, Banksia and Peppi. Before we went on to the next activity, Tracey told us to find gumnuts that had beak marks on them. I found a couple.

The Kangaroos:
Tracey took our group down a beautiful bush path in the forest. She told us interesting facts about the trees and plants. She also told us how Aboriginal people used to get Redgum off the trees and made a special drink out of it. Tracey also told us how Cockatoos love honkey nuts. The nuts come off the Marri trees. Cockatoos live for up to 50 years. They mate for life  and can have one egg every year. It takes three years for  a chick to learn how to eat Marri gumnuts and leave the nest.

The Emus:
Genevieve took our group “The Emus” to the middle of the bridge. She told us interesting facts about the lamprey. For example, they can travel to Antartica until they find a river they like. She also told us about the wetlands and the fishladder. This is a wall of stones that has lower pools so that the lamprey can climb up it with their suckers to get through the weir to have their babies in quiet waters. The lamprey uses its sucker to hold onto the whales and sharks and suck their blood. Genevieve told us about the mussels that live in the river. The mussels have a hook so they can move around.

After the three rotations, we came back to the starting point and got into our class groups.  Then we walked through the streets back to school.  When we got back, the classes talked about the Margaret River Weir and what we had learned.

Many thanks to the Cape to Cape Catchment Group (Tracey Muir) for her leadership of this educational project and Rotary MR for their sponsorship.
Written by Violet, Keira and Inji in Room 6. Photos and posted by D. Veary

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