Parents & Citizens

P&C Committee Members

President – Abbi Chanin

Vice President – Richard Dowling 

Secretary – Rose Pateman

Treasurer – Mel Davies

Canteen Treasurer  TBC

P&C Representative on School Board – Sarah Twine

Publicity Officer & Executive Committee Member – Cate Worsley

Printing & Design – Nick Castle

Fundraising Coordinator – Sarah Twine

Canteen Committee – Zoey Jalla 

Family Volunteer – Rose Pateman

Our role is to initiate activities that build social connections between families and community and foster the development of social and emotional wellbeing for all our kids.

We host various social and fundraising events throughout the year which assists in providing additional  facilities and equipment to enhance the school.

We are an inclusive association who work well together and are always very happy to welcome new members.

We hold 10 meetings a year, including the AGM.  Meetings are always on a Thursday at 6:30pm in the staff room and run for one hour (we know you are all busy people!).  The timing of meetings is at the discretion of the committee and is informed by factors such as school holidays (we do not meet during the holidays) and P&C workload.

We meet about once a month and upcoming meetings are always advertised on the school noticeboard and in the event calendar on our school website and we are on facebook

You can get in touch via our facebook page

or by email on