The Gift - Celebrating Eastwinds Musica Viva Concert 9Last Tuesday and Wednesday MRPS students were treated to a world music experience! We had been learning all about Eastwinds and their songs, cultures and instruments, and finally it was time for the Eastwinds band to come to our school! They performed songs from around the world and improvised soundscapes for the students, staff and parents.

The Gift - Celebrating Eastwinds Musica Viva Concert 10It was a wonderful experience to be entertained by Kristiina from Estonia playing the Jawharp and on vocals, Mark playing a variety of woodwind and reed instruments including a home made rubber glove bag pipe, Sanshi from Japan playing the didgeridoo (I know right!) and Esfandiar from Iran playing the awesome drum, the Daf and the flute type instrument, the Ney.

The Gift - Celebrating Eastwinds Musica Viva Concert 11Teacher, Amy Murray said:

They introduced us to different instruments from around the world as well as some very interesting instruments made by Mark Cain himself. The rubber glove bagpipe was a real hit!

Students got involved through some call and response games, and playing the whirlies with Eastwinds at the end of the show.

The Gift - Celebrating Eastwinds Musica Viva Concert 12We had some fabulous feedback from the students.  They especially loved how the band joked around and made them laugh. We wish them all the best for the rest of their school tour around WA and hope they can come back to visit one day soon.

From Amy Johnstone and Amy Murray 

Hope you enjoy sharing the experience with the video clips below.

Video of “The Gift”

Body Percussion to “The Gift” from MRPS on Vimeo.

Video of call and response

Estonian Call and Response from MRPS on Vimeo.

Written by Amy Johnstone; Photos and video clips by Amy Murray; Posted by D. Veary