In an exciting finale to the primary school’s swimming season, Ocean faction in a great team effort with a score of 201 points, powered to victory to win the faction shield at the 2012 MRPS Middle Cell Swimming Carnival held at the Aquatic Centre last Friday.

Ocean has risen to great heights recently, winning both the Senior and Middle Cell faction surfing competitions and now the swimming as well. Instrumental in its victory were both the Year 4 boys champion James C. and girls champion Mazie W. and the Year 5 boys champion Seth Van H..

There was a tight finish to the battle for second place with Earth (167) just edging out Sun (162).

For former swimming powerhouse Forest, the worm has well and truly turned, as they struggled into fourth place with 127 points. Emily A. (the Year 5 Girls Champion) was a shining light for her faction.

Carnival organiser Gary Gibbon said the carnival ran very smoothly and thanked parents for their assistance and swimmers for the good sportsmanship displayed by all.

Individual medal winners included:

Year 4 Boys Champion – James C. – Ocean

Year 4 Boys Runner up – Flynn J. – Earth

Year 4 Girls Champion – Mazie W. – Ocean

Year 4 Girls Runner up – Sophia G.- Sun

Year 5 Boys Champion – Seth Van H. – Ocean

Year 5 Boys Runner up – Taj S. – Earth

Year 5 Girls Champion – Emily A. – Forest

Year 5 Girls Runner up – Jodie B. – Sun

Year 5 Encouragement Award – Madison S.

Year 4 Encouragement Award – Finn B.

Snippets of the action were captured by Louise Mann in her inimitable style below. 🙂

Ocean Tsunami At Swimming Carnival 5Ocean Tsunami At Swimming Carnival 6

Written by G. Gibbon; Photos by Louise Mann; Posted by D. Veary

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