On Monday 14 June invited guests joined the P&C, staff and MRPS administration to formally open the new quadrangle  gardens.  Principal, Sinan Kerimofski, says:

Last week we conducted a formal opening of the Quadrangle Garden Project. This project was a concept in 2004 and with the support of the McCall family and other family donations the project was able to come to fruition. With the help of Alex Hawthorn, Bill James and other P & C members the project was drawn and planned. Special mention to Gary Haworth who constructed all three garden beds. I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a first class job!

I want to particularly mention Susie Ormond who single-handedly coordinated and managed the whole project. She sought donations, quotes and favours from the whole community to ensure this project was completed. All her work is much valued and appreciated.

The school community can celebrate the fact that this project was a completely community funded project with no  grants or external department support. This is a pretty amazing achievement and one the school community should be proud of.


Quadrangle Gardens Opening Ceremony 5Quadrangle Gardens Opening Ceremony 6


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