A special request from the worms. Worms

Please keep the food waste coming as we are very hungry over the winter period.
When we weighed the food waste over 5 days you fed us 11.135 kg made up mostly by slinky apple peels and cores, banana peels as well as waste from the canteen. If that was repeated every week of the school year you would provide us with about 445.4 Kg of food and save space at your local rubbish dump. You can see that it is better for the environment to keep feeding us!

In return we will promise to keep the ‘worm tea’ flowing as it is very good for your garden.

Last week we produced 4 litres of prime “tea” which when diluted made up about 20 litres of A grade liquid fertilizer for your vegetables.  Over the school year that is about 800 litres!  Bring on the holidays we say!  🙂

Oh by the way, can the waste food monitors deliver your classroom’s food waste to Mr McLeod’s Room 3 as soon as the bell goes to end the lunch play time?  That would really help that class out and not waste too much of their time.

Please don’t include orange peels or bread products as this isn’t too good for our digestion! It might get a bit smelly in the farm, too!”

With thanks from Mr. McLeod …………. and the worms!


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