Notes from the Garden

 Many thanks to the students from T1, T4, T5, Room 4 and Room 5 for your wonderful efforts during this semester.

Our garden has continued to thrive with your help and we now have a comprehensive winter crop planted.

 Remember to ask your parents if they can help out in the garden especially when it is your turn in the garden. This Thursday 17th June is the Year 4s turn.

Thanks also to the classroom teachers of our garden classes. Your support is invaluable and we hope that you will continue on next semester.

A special thanks to Susie Ormonde for the great work she does with the students and the garden each week.

Slinky Apples are done every morning recess in the Year 7 covered area. This week it is organised by Red Faction.
Green faction is organizing the flags.
Thanks to the vice captains for taking on these responsibilities.

Many Thanks from Mr McLeod

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