Forty Hour Famine 2013 001 (Large) (Small)

The 40 Hour Famine is an annual charitable event held by World Vision Australia The event aims for young Australians to feel empathy for the lack of food with which many children in third world countries continually struggle and to raise money to help children in these countries.

Margaret River Primary School has long supported the event, which is being coordinated again this year by school chaplain Gemma Daniels.

Mrs Daniels said a visit from World Vision’s Darren Reynolds earlier in the year inspired some classes to seek ways they could collectively miss out on needed things and in doing so, raise awareness of World Vision and the work it does, as well as generate some funds for much needed causes.

Corinne Jackson’s Year 6 classroom is planning on giving up the use of modern classroom technologies for a day at school, on Friday the 15th August. This means i pads and i-pods, desktop computers, whiteboards, digital projectors, lap tops and cameras all get switched off for the day. Mrs Daniels said the class would love to see the local community get on board and support this great cause, where funds raised go to supporting children throughout the world suffering in poverty.

She added community members wishing to support Room 12 in their efforts can contact her directly at the school on 97572666 or alternatively you go online and donate by searching for ROOM 12 ON-LINE DONATIONS PAGE


Written and photos by Gary Gibbon; Posted by D. Veary

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