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Mr Thomas also experienced iconic American sporting culture when he attended a baseball game between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees. This turned out to be the third longest baseball game ever, lasting an epic 7 hours!

Mr Thomas Takes MRPS to the U.S.A.

After a busy term of learning, would you choose to go back to school for the holidays?  Mr Thomas did just that – travelling, along with 200 principals from all around the world, to study at Harvard Graduate School of Education in Boston, U.S.A. On his return I interviewed Mr Thomas to find out more….. […]

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MikiJ Concert Immerses Students in Indonesian ‘Pop Culture”

The Michael J Australian Schools Concerts is a project that develops greater motivation and enthusiasm of our young generation in learning bahasa Indonesian through immersion in the contemporary “pop culture” of Indonesia.  Michael Jakarimilena (MichaelJ or Michael Idol as he is known) is a humble performer with a strong sense of national identity with Indonesia […]

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