BOOK WEEK 2017 - ESCAPE FROM EVERYWHERE 7This week is Book Week 2017! The theme this year is “Escape from Everywhere” which opens up possible books to those where people or creatures are physically escaping from someone or something and those who wish to escape into their imagination.

BOOK WEEK 2017 - ESCAPE FROM EVERYWHERE 8Mr Thomas read his favourite book to the school at an assembly this morning and he chose the latter, reading “Magic Beach” by Alison Lester. Students listened and shared the beauty of the prose along with the illustrations up on the screen, looking at the reality of the magic beach and then sharing Alison Lester’s stretch of imagination, picturing the magic of what could be happening at that magic beach.

BOOK WEEK 2017 - ESCAPE FROM EVERYWHERE 9In the Library, Leigh Hughes has created yet another beautiful display to celebrate Book Week and students are encouraged to borrow books and really get into reading this week. So, check out the short-listed books on the CBCA website (click on link) and encourage the love of reading with your child/ren this week.

Written, photos and posted by D. Veary