Mikij Concert Immerses Students In Indonesian 'Pop Culture&Quot; 7The Michael J Australian Schools Concerts is a project that develops greater motivation and enthusiasm of our young generation in learning bahasa Indonesian through immersion in the contemporary “pop culture” of Indonesia.  Michael Jakarimilena (MichaelJ or Michael Idol as he is known) is a humble performer with a strong sense of national identity with Indonesia and is a positive mentor for the younger generation in both Indonesia and Australia.

On Tuesday, 8th August 54 students from Margaret River Primary woke very early to set off to Lakelands Theatre in Mandurah to see MikiJ perform.

Mikij Concert Immerses Students In Indonesian 'Pop Culture&Quot; 8

We have been learning songs that MikiJ performed.  We Skyped MikiJ a few times while learning the songs and students were engaged and really inspired as he sang along with them.  They were very excited when he invited them to perform on stage with him, mentioning their Skype singing sessions.

You can use this link to watch the video of his performance (on Balai Bahasa Indonesa’s Facebook Page).   The part where our students come up on stage to sing with him is at 1:23 on the video.



Mikij Concert Immerses Students In Indonesian 'Pop Culture&Quot; 9Michael J will perform concerts in Indonesian to thousands of students studying Indonesian in states across Australia. The concert was interactive and participative, a total immersion concert where the students were encouraged to use Indonesian language and actively engage in the concert.  Students were completely engaged and meeting MikiJ in person after meeting him via Skype, made their classroom learning real.I’d like to commend all the children who attended on their excellent behaviour, and their enthusiasm on the day.  We’d also like to thank Mr Thomas and our parent helpers, who made our day even more pleasurable.  We had an awesome day!

Photos and Written by Janice Dunlop; Posted by D. Veary

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