Give Me Fives In The Kitchen - T7 5

Spanakopita and Greek Salad!!!

T7 did a special kitchen lesson with Sarah. Firstly, we lined up outside of the kitchen and waited for Sarah to let us in. We had to do what we always did, wash our hands and get an apron.
Next, Sarah showed the class how to make a spanakopita. It looked difficult as there were lots of ingredients and you had to roll them up into stuffed triangles.  Two groups were told they would make Greek Salad and set the table.
Sarah asked Mr Murray to pick a head chef for each group. Sarah explained the importance of the head chef’s job. Some people didn’t want to be the head chef because they thought the job sounded too hard.

Then we started making the food. The groups making the spanakopita had to make five each. They had to get all the ingredients first and then follow the method carefully. A few groups forgot some of the steps but they all turned out yummy in the end.

Lastly, we cleaned up our stations and sat down to eat. Before we ate, we each shared some things we were grateful for.  Sarah told us we had done an excellent job and had worked really well as a team.  This meal was one of the most delicious so far!

Later we all felt full because the spanakopitas were big and there was lots of salad.

Thanks Sarah.

Written by Beth, Rose, Heidi and Lucille.

Give Me Fives In The Kitchen - T7 6

No photos were taken while eating the Greek food. Can you see any signs of digital enhancing that went on with this image?

Comments from students were:

Kacey said:

I liked the Greek Salad because it was yummy and I really wanted more but there wasn’t enough.

Malik said:

I was very sad because I couldn’t eat it.

Noah said:

I really like the spanakopita because of the filling inside.

Mikayla said:

I liked the spanakopita because it reminded me of my grandma.

Angus said:

I felt full afterwards because I drank so much water.


Written by students and Mr Murray; Posted by D. Veary


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