Last Thursday the Year 3s invited parents and friends to an Australia’s Greatest Morning Tea in our undercover area to raise funds for cancer research.  Mrs Veary said that her motivation in organising the event was the fact that she has a student in her class who had to undergo the trauma associated with having cancer treatment when she was in Pre-primary, and that each one of us seem to have been touched by cancer in some way.

The morning tea saw around 60 adults and 90 students coming together on the 20th anniversary of the Cancer Council to support this worthy cause.  After their delicious morning tea, Mr K helped students lay gold coins in a long line and they could make yellow paper daffodils. Samara had a display in one corner where she shared her story about what it was like to be in hospital and have cancer treatment as a little girl.

Parents and all our year three students responded in an incredibly generous and open-hearted way, donating a huge array of delicious eats and coming along to support our fundraiser.  The Year 3 teachers provided the support needed to make this a success and of course, all the parents and friends who came along to have a cuppa, made it a very worthwhile event.

We would like to thank a host of staff and parents who readily donated their time and effort, working away in the background cutting up fruit for platters, slicing cakes and arranging slices, muffins and solar system pancakes on plates, then endlessly washing up in the staff room.  Thanks to Mr Madden who took it as a given that he would organiser the trestle tables and the Year 7 students who helped set up and pack up as well as help serve our students their morning tea. Mr Mcleod provided a box full of fruit for fruit platters, which he purchased at a very good price from The Fruit Basket.  Thanks to John, the High School Chaplain, for rustling up an extra urn at short notice. Tea and coffee were donated by Debbie O’Connor at River Fresh IGA.  We really do have a community that cares and shares.

Special thanks also need to go to Erica Robins and Sue Jackman for co-ordinating the response slips, organising urns and donations of coffee and tea, decorating the undercover area with balloons and streamers and to Erica for her creative contributions of the iconic Cancer Council yellow daffodils which students were able to make.  Erica did this with a smile on her face while her foot was in plaster from a recent injury.  Thank you both very much, ladies!  🙂

The best news of all is that we passed our target and raised $254.65!  Thank you, everyone!

Photos by J. Fraser and G. Gibbon; Written and posted by D. Veary

2 thoughts on “Raising Funds for Cancer Research

  1. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic year 3 classes! Its so great to give the kids the opportunity to give to give to charities and to build empathy for others.

  2. chantelle parish says:

    Wow! u don’t realise how much goes on behind the scenes.A great effort by all for a great cause.

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