Hundreds of students as well as many staff members participated in this year’s 40 Hour  Famine Appeal at Margaret River Primary School.The annual appeal culminated in a gigantic cook up of rice for students forgoing their usual recess snacks and lunches last Friday.

The event was coordinated by MRPS school chaplain Roger Westaway who said that some 20 kilograms of rice were cooked and consumed by the lunch time participants at school, many of whom fasted for the remainder of the day.

Mr Westaway thanked the volunteer ladies from Margaret River Uniting Church and parent helpers who came in to assist in the distribution of rice from the cookers to the “paper bowls” made by the students and himself. In keeping with the sustainable nature of the occasion, participants ate with their fingers; cutlery was not used in this completely waste-wise lunch.

Mr Westaway thanked school parents for the loan of the 19 rice cookers used and also for their donations of bags of rice.

Mr Westaway said that this year, with over 200 students being sponsored, it was the school community’s goal to raise $5 000-00 for the 40 Hour Famine. He felt confident of the community achieving this as last year $6 500-00 was raised; the money going to World Vision to assist in alleviating the effects of poverty and starvation in various third world countries.

MRPS Students Get Involved in 40 Hour Famine Appeal 5MRPS Students Get Involved in 40 Hour Famine Appeal 6

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