Kitchen Garden News 7

During the holidays the old newly arrived transportable building designated for the kitchen was given a makeover and renovated ready to be handed over to us. The exterior walls have been repaired and painted and a new roof installed. The interior has been repaired and painted and power connected. The floor has been covered with commercial grade lino. The whole building looks sensational….and very bright! On the outside drains and a grease trap have been added ready for our future kitchen use. This work was funded by the department of education and completed under contract by White Building.

Kitchen Garden News 8

We are still waiting for news on our Stephanie Alexander Grant application. We are beginning to plan for a major fundraiser for the project to be held in October.

The shire kindly provided some maintenance workers to clear an area of dense garden to make way for access to the new bicycle rack area which is to be positioned on the northern side of Room 7. Many thanks to Gary Evershed, CEO, Shire of AMR  for providing this assistance to our school. The old bicycle area will become a valuable extension to the existing garden area. We hope to establish the garden extension with similar materials used in the original garden. We would be most grateful for any assistance with donations and labour for this project.

Kitchen Garden News 9

Garden classes have started for Term 3 and the students enthusiastically involved themselves in the tasks and hands on learning experiences despite the inclement weather. Thanks to Susie for continuing the great garden lessons and James for his valuable assistance.



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