Constable Care Taking Care 5

Everyone has the right to feel safe.

This is one of our school’s rights and responsibilities, and a key message in all of Constable Care’s school workshops. On Wednesday 25 May we welcomed back the Constable Care team who presented two workshops to students.

The Juniors watched Fun Scary where the key concepts of protective behaviours were explored through a puppet show and use of song – with the message that all kids should feel safe.

Middle and Upper School students watched “Trending”, where the performers used theatre to explore cyberbullying and the importance of online respect and consent. The actors encouraged audience interaction, creating space for students to suggest improved behaviours from the characters, then resetting the scene with those improvements.

Constable Care Taking Care 6The discussions were thought-provoked and the actors were keen to share their message that “everybody (child or adult) deserves to  feel safe” and that if anyone feels threatened by online behaviours towards them, they should contact the eSafety Commissioner for support and action. Click on this link eSafety Commissioner to report any concerns you might have, as their creed is:

“Helping Australians have safer and more positive experiences online.”

Constable Care has been a familiar visitor over the years and students enjoyed being able to attend a whole-school incursion in the undercover area again.

Written, photos and posted by D. Veary


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