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MikiJ Concert Immerses Students in Indonesian ‘Pop Culture”

The Michael J Australian Schools Concerts is a project that develops greater motivation and enthusiasm of our young generation in learning bahasa Indonesian through immersion in the contemporary “pop culture” of Indonesia.  Michael Jakarimilena (MichaelJ or Michael Idol as he is known) is a humble performer with a strong sense of national identity with Indonesia […]

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Celebration Performance

At our Junior Presentation Concert, the Year 3 students performed the Christmas Carol “Silent Night” while playing Indonesian instruments (the Angklung) as part of their “Celebrations” inquiry.  It was a very moving performance and a striking example of the integration of learning areas with collaboration between Music and LOTE specialists, Ms Helen and Ibu Janice, and […]

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Good Vibes on Harmony Day

Last Thursday our school transformed into a multi-cultural mini-world as students and teachers donned their international garb to reflect Australia’s cultural diversity.  In the Grand Parade, students called out the country they’d dressed to represent and it was a montage of countries both big and small which included every continent.  You can appreciate the special spirit […]

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