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Last Thursday our school transformed into a multi-cultural mini-world as students and teachers donned their international garb to reflect Australia’s cultural diversity.  In the Grand Parade, students called out the country they’d dressed to represent and it was a montage of countries both big and small which included every continent.  You can appreciate the special spirit of the day by watching this slideshow.

Students gathered in the undercover area to sing Yothu Yindi’s song World Turning as a school, enthusiastically led by Ms Helen. You can listen to them here.

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After sharing a picnic lunch with family members, students were entertained back in their rooms listening to Radio Harmony where faction captains and councillors DJ’d world music.

What a fantastic effort by Ibu Janice, organising this event, and Ms Helen for her work with students learning and leading the song, “World Turning”.  🙂

Written, photos and posted by D.Veary

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