Ms Symes’ Year 5 students worked hard to translate and write stories when they worked with our exchange teachers, Ifat and Ayat, as part of the Bridge project.  Lily M. created her book retelling the story of  Toar and Limimuut and she reads it here.

Click on the play button below each page to listen to her read it.

1 (Small)

Introduced by Kobi (T3) in Indonesian.

2 (Small)

3 (Small)

4 (Small)

5 (Small)

6 (Small)

7 (Small)

8 (Small)

9 (Small)

What a great job she has done with this translation.  🙂


Written and posted by D. Veary; Spoken by Lily M. (T3) and introduction by Kobi (T3)






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