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On Thursday the 29th of August, Michael J, the Indonesian singing sensation, came and captivated his audience of enthusiastic language learners from around Western Australia.
The Michael J Australian Schools Concert occurs annually in August.  Margaret River Primary School’s Year Six students have looked forward to this occasion every year since 2017.  Around fourteen schools and colleges come together at the Mandurah Baptist College to watch Michael Jakarimilena, Tony, Deon and Visa V1MAST perform.  Margaret River Primary School’s Year Sixes were the youngest attendees at this special event.
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Ibu Janice (Janice Dunlop), Margaret River Primary’s L.O.T.E. teacher and a good friend of Miki J, said:
This is great opportunity to learn Indonesian through the lyrics and to meet peers from other schools who learn the same language.
The songs were sung in Indonesian but all students understood the words in English from their earlier work at school. When they arrived, students were seated in an area set out separately for each school. The band talked about what had inspired them to write each song. Students brought along hand-made posters to hold up and the auditorium was an incredible sight to see.  When the concert was over, Miki J said that it was, “…one of the best concerts that I’ve ever performed at!”
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Students and teachers who attended thoroughly enjoyed the event and when asked, said:
It was good pop music and the bus ride was very exciting.
The auditorium was a great setting for the concert.
After the performance, all the schools and colleges came up one by one to meet and greet the bands and have a group photo taken.
The whole concert was recorded on live television for Indonesian viewers.  This is an unforgettable occasion for those who attend and helps the students to develop a deeper and more meaningful connection to the language.

Written by Gigi F; Photos by Janice Dunlop; Posted by D. Veary; 

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