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Spirit of the Anzacs in Daily School Life

Our Dreamcatchers did us proud with their performance at our Anzac Day Assembly.  They sang “I Am Australian” as students filed in and were seated, before engaging everyone present in a moving tribute to our Anzacs, as they sang “The Last Anzac”.  Three soloists (William, Sequaia and Skye) led the Dreamcatchers’ performance, and the audience […]

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Helping the Angels at Christmas

The Year One students did their best to help make Christmas special for those who are having a hard time by presenting a trolley load of gifts and goodies to the River Angels at our assembly this week!  [That’s the Christmas spirit!]   🙂 Written, photos and posted by D. Veary 0 Favorite

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Ocean Faction have a Swimming Success

Ocean faction had a clear victory in the Year 4 Faction Swimming Carnival last Friday with 253 points to nearest rival Sun’s 195 points, Forest’s 151 points and Earth’s 114 points. Mr Thomas enjoyed his first experience of the event and thanked parents for their ongoing and enthusiastic support for our students and school events. […]

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Students at the Cutting Edge

Receiving your first merit certificate of the year usually brings with it earned praise, appreciation and great pride, but for the first recipients this year it also brought a much-valued souvenier piece of Mr K’s, Mr Madden’s or Mr Mainard’s tie! Mr K did it again, “borrowing” one of his Dad’s favourite ties which he […]

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