On Wednesday back-to-back graduation ceremonies saw the inaugural graduation of Year 6 students fromMargaret River Primary School, to join our Year 7 students in their first year of high school in 2015.  The ceremonies were both moving and uplifting as the school celebrated our senior students and their learning journeys at MRPS.  We wish them well as they make the move to high school next year.

2014 Year 7 Graduates Wearing Leavers Shirts
Representing all 2014 Year 7 Leavers


2014 Year 6 Graduates
2014 Year 6 Graduates

Written, photos and posted by D. Veary

One thought on “Goodbye to our Graduating Year 6s and Year 7s

  1. lindastanlake says:

    Well done students, teachers and staff on a truly amazing year. Best of wishes to all the 6’s and 7’s as you enjoy the last days of Primary school, and thank you to all the hard work that Sinan and all teachers, P&C and volunteers have put into the Pemberton and Rottnest camps. The students will have fond memories of these times always. 🙂

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