Img_4946 (Small)Receiving your first merit certificate of the year usually brings with it earned praise, appreciation and great pride, but for the first recipients this year it also brought a much-valued souvenier piece of Mr K’s, Mr Madden’s or Mr Mainard’s tie!

Img_5002 (Small)Mr K did it again, “borrowing” one of his Dad’s favourite ties which he then snipped into small pieces for each student at the Senior Assembly.

Img_5004 (Small)Don’t tell Mr K. but while he was away at a conference in Sydney, Mr Madden kept the tradition going at the first Junior Assembly, “borrowing” one of Mr K’s spare ties, then calling on Mr Mainard to donate his tie too!

Img_5018 (Small)Students obviously enjoyed being the centre of the fun and left that assembly with their souvenier pieces of tie while Admin staff spent the day looking like this…

Img_4948 (Small)Edited

Img_5024 (Small)
“Tongue-tied after the assembly…”


Written, photos and posted by D. Veary

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