2014 Anzac Day Ceremony 001 (Large) (Small)

On the last day of Term 1 the whole school gathered below the flagpole for a very solemn, respectful and moving Anzac Day ceremony.  Students responded to the occasion by sitting very quietly and listening respectfully to the songs sung by the choir and the poems read by school councillors and Mitchell C.

2014 Anzac Day Ceremony 005 (Large) (Small)

Mr Gibbon noted that.

In his address to the assembly, organiser of the ceremony, MRPS deputy principal Campbell Madden, discussed some of the values Anzac soldiers displayed such as friendship, unselfishness, humour and courage and he urged students to try and incorporate these values into their lives. He was very pleased that all students attending showed respect and interest in Anzac Day and its continued importance to Australian life and history.

2014 Anzac Day Ceremony 008 (Large) (Small)

Many thanks to Mr Madden for organising the ceremony, Ms Helen and the choir for their wonderful singing and the school councillors and faction captains for their role in the ceremony.  🙂

Written by D. Veary and Gary Gibbon; Photos by Gary Gibbon; Posted by D. Veary

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