Beginnings.... 1

First days are special. At the start of the school year both teachers and students share the anticipation of the year ahead. On the first day the air is filled with excitement and the sounds of reunions and enthusiastic rustlings as students find their new rooms. There’s a certain buzz in being back in the familiar – but also the nervousness of entering a new classroom. There’s meeting up with old friends – while making new ones too. There’s a very tangible energy across the whole school as students arrive, filling rooms and mingling along the corridors. It’s the energy at the start of a school year which allows for new beginnings: a return to routines in a different way; a fresh approach to work habits; a wonderful opportunity to set new goals and make the most of your learning journey – socially, mentally, emotionally and academically!
On that day we held our first whole school assembly, squeezing everyone into the undercover area, all moving one year level up in the seating…another beginning!

This coming week our new school leaders will be decided with student councillor aspirants presenting their speeches to their peers on Tuesday and factions captain speeches and voting on Friday. We wish them all confidence and enthusiasm as they embrace this new challenge – and every student will be able to feel the glow of personal growth from this experience, whether they are elected or not. “Carpe diem!” (Seize the day!)

Written, photo and posted by Dawn Veary

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