2021 Student Leaders 1

As preparations for our state election gear up, the lobbying and electioneering of our aspirant student leaders has come to an end. After passionate speeches promising commitment and integrity, the votes are in and our school councillors and faction captains for 2021 have been elected.


2021 Student Leaders 2

Congratulations to our school councillors:

Lucy K, Grainne H, Sebastian U and Mark H.

2021 Student Leaders 3

Congratulations also to our faction captains:

Earth: Jesse G. and Jemma A.

Forest: Ethan A. and Quinn B.

Ocean: Alby C. and Tilly E.

Sun: Rupert E. and India P.

We wish you a productive year in your new roles, and know that you will soon be working hard leading assemblies and encouraging and supporting your teammates in our upcoming faction sports carnival on the 26th March.

Written, photos and posted by D. Veary

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