Mini Margies News – Intercultural Understandings about Family

Our Inquiry topics of Families started us wondering about what different families eat and how they cook and live.  In Room 20 and 21 we made bread and damper from scratch and cooked it in the oven.

The next week we asked Ange to share with us. We learnt about Aboriginal culture in the Noongar region and more specifically the Wardandi, which is where we live.Kelley, Crystal and Ben  together with Ange led our morning as we learnt about: traditional words, bush foods, clothing, foods and much more. We made damper and shaped it into a ‘wogyl’, wound it around a stick and cooked it over an open fire.

 We all learnt so much and had an amazing morning. We have been busy comparing the differences and many similarities of our two experiences.

Thank you so much to Ange, Crystal, Ben and Kelley.

Written and photos by Clare Dallimore; Posted by D. Veary

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