It's all about the Music!! 9
We have an amazing music program at MRPS. Here are some snippets of what has been going off lately and don’t forget the special Music Event this Wednesday, 14 June, Rockfest ’17, at Settlers.
It's all about the Music!! 10

GMAS’ recent visit, led by Musical Director Phil Watts, was a unique experience for students to hear a complete range of orchestral instruments, including double bass, violin, viola, drums, trumpets, saxaphones, drums, keyboard as well as the harmony of the choir.
It's all about the Music!! 11

Some of the special moments included: the violin solo, the incredible talent of the soloist who gave us goosebumps as she sang her own composition at the keyboard and the special excitement watching every member of the orchestra swing instantly into action or to see them hold their breath with the drama of the dancing baton of the talented GMAS conductor.
It's all about the Music!! 12
Enjoy some of their music here.

In the last week of term Ms Helen has also organised our annual Musica Viva visit and students are actively learning their music as part of their Music program.
Thank you for your dedication and talent, Ms Helen.

Written, audio clips, photos and posted by D. Veary