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Congratulations to Max G. and Kye L. for their success in the Under-12 Micro Groms final of the Woolworths WA  Junior Surf Titles, held at Surfer’s Point over the weekend!

Surfing the Wave of Success! 20
Surfing a Barrel

Max took out first place, with Kye a close second. They said the weather was sunny but windy, with a good crowd back on the beach.  Max added that Saturday was rough and windy, which made the waves bigger, but that on Sunday the waves were smaller, but smooth and glassy.


Max’s best wave of the day earned him a 6.95. He describes it:

It was a semi-set wave. I took off and got stuck behind whiten and got sucked up a bit, then in a pocket of the wave I did a turn, then a snap. Then I went straight down and did a roundhouse, before I kicked off the wave.

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Max said it was his board which gave him his advantage.  He’s had it for two to three years, after his Dad gave it to him for his birthday. It’s a Shaper, made by American Luke Studer who shapes boards in Bali. Because he’s had the same board for so long, Max really knows his board well and how it performs. He really loves that board and will probably keep it for ever.

Surfing the Wave of Success! 24

Kye said his best wave was in the first heat, which earned him a 7.5.  He said:

It was my best wave. The wind was holding up the wave and I did three cut-backs, a snap and another two cut-backs.

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He said his board is a 5-0, by designer DHD, created by Mick Fanning (with the little MF on its side) – the perfect board for him.

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This was the first round of the State Titles, with the next two rounds set for Denmark in May and Geraldton in June.

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I asked both boys separately for a quote, and they were both great sportsmen, with their attitude of comraderie.

Kye said,

I’m glad it was Max and me, so we can go together to Denmark in May. The next comp’s on my birthday, so I hope that brings extra luck,

while Max generously quipped,

I’m glad that it was Kye and that it was all locals in the finals…being Olive H, who came third, and Ace F, fourth.  Ace is probably the best surfer of us all, but he didn’t have luck with the waves and his board.  He’ll probably do better next comp.

Surfing the Wave of Success! 28

With that kind of “warrior, not winner” attitude, they deserve every success as they live their surfing dream!

Photos provided by Jane Seman, Written and posted by D. Veary

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