2020 Year 4 Bike Camp 17On Thursday and Friday last week, the Year 4’s, along with some lucky Year 3’s and 5’s, went on the annual Bike Camp to Wharncliffe Mill. When the students arrived, they played on the playground and had some recess and lunch.

2020 Year 4 Bike Camp 18Ange and Drew visited the students to run some interesting talks on local Indigenous culture and looking after our local environment. After the guest speakers left, the students got to choose between three fun activities. Stay at camp to do craft and games, ride some of the Rails to Trails or go extreme mountain biking in The Pines. All three activities were lots of fun.

2020 Year 4 Bike Camp 19When everyone got back, the teachers gave some instructions to set up swags, mattresses and dorms, then the hamburgers were cooked and eaten. Madagascar was the chosen movie and Milo and cake were served up not long before bed. A family of possums made it hard to settle but eventually everyone got a few hours of well needed sleep.

2020 Year 4 Bike Camp 20The next morning, everyone got up early and packed up their gear. After a short ride to the Western Playing Fields, the bikers were glad to see an array of fruit and hotdogs being prepared by some helpful parent volunteers.

2020 Year 4 Bike Camp 21Mr Yates had set up lots of fun games to play and the afternoon took care of itself. After more snacks, everyone rode back to school and went home for a well-deserved weekend.

2020 Year 4 Bike Camp 22It was an awesome camp and the students are very thankful to everyone, parents and teachers, for organising it and for volunteering.

Written by Adele R, Maya F. and Maple P

Back at school students reflected on the experience.  They used thinking tools to organise their thoughts.  Here are two from Mr Murray’s class: a fishbone diagram to categorise and break down the experience, and…

2020 Year 4 Bike Camp 23

a PMI (Plus, Minus and Interesting/Ideas) Chart and De Bono’s Thinking Hats to allow students to isolate and refine their judgements and to think more creatively when evaluating the experience.  These are all tools used in Inquiry.

2020 Year 4 Bike Camp 24

Photos provided by Yr 4 teachers; Posted by D. Veary

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