On Wednesday 22 August, students and community supporters gathered in the undercover area after lunch for the official launch of our Kitchen Garden Kitchen.  Stephanie Alexander spoke passionately about her vision and what the project could do to enrich the lives and learning of students and their families.  She then presented Geoff Mcleod and the Kitchen Garden team with a Blueberry Bush, before declaring the Kitchen ​officially launched!

Stephanie Gives us the Nod 9

Mr Mcleod responded, outlining the journey this project has taken and acknowledging Stephanie Alexander’s role in encouraging the team to apply for funding and inclusion in the Foundation and Mr K for obtaining the building which has become our kitchen.  He thanked members of the team, parents, students, teachers and the many community members whose support has been,and still is, vital for the sustainability and success of this project.  The Year 4s showed their movie on  the Kitchen Garden.

Stephanie Gives us the Nod 10

Mr Mcleod then invited students to speak directly to Stephanie Alexander to share their reflections on what the Kitchen Garden project has meant to them.  These reflections are on display on the windows of the undercover area (in little watering can shapes).  Stephanie and the team seemed moved by students’ comments. Stephanie Gives us the Nod 11

Year 4 students and Ms Helen then presented their little surprise – a song they’d prepared for Stephanie Alexander: ​The Compost Song.​  Here is a clip of them singing (and picture Mr Geoff Mcleod wearing his black compost hat too).

Stephanie Gives us the Nod 12

Listen to their great song ​We are Compost Makers​ here.

In the evening Xanadu hosted a special dinner where the food on the menu came from Stephanie Alexander and Ian Parmentier’s recipe books.  From all accounts, it was a very successful and enjoyable evening.

From the input and celebrations above, it’s pretty clear just how highly valued this project is to our school and wider community.  Thanks to Mr Mcleod and the hard-working Kitchen Garden Team for their consistent and enthusiastic efforts to expand the program to where it is today.  It has been a long, hard but very worthwhile journey!


​Photos thanks to Lee-Anne T., Sinan Kerimofski and Mel Somerset; Written and posted by D. Veary


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