The Year 5 Inquiry Topic is “Searchers, Seekers and Sowers” as they investigate Early Australian history.  Room 5 have been very busy with their immersion activities and in response to their excursion to Wonnerup House, here is a Smilebox of some of their thoughts when asked to formulate an opinion For or Against the impact of British Settlement in the Swan River Colony. Here are their ​FOR OR AGAINST – AN OPINION ​pieces of work.

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Students tested their understanding of the topic by creating Jigsaws where they looked up a dictionary definition then wrote their own interpretation too. These are displayed on the classroom walls so that students can look back on them as the inquiry progresses.
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Room 5 Look At Settlers And Sowers 11Room 5 Look At Settlers And Sowers 12

They also brainstormed their understandings of the topic using GRAFFITI as their presentation tool. Here are some of them. They are just so artistic and often it’s the visual image that speaks louder than words.

Room 5 Look At Settlers And Sowers 11Room 5 Look At Settlers And Sowers 12

Students constructed flow charts to show the ​cause and effect and sequence of events ​created by early settlement.  Here is a flipbook showcasing some of their work.  To use Yudu: click on ​click to launch full size version in a new window below the animation and then you can zoom in and enjoy the flipbook.  There’s a great deal of artistic and humorous talent on show here. 🙂
Room 5 Look At Settlers And Sowers 15
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