Through our Inquiry topic “Searchers, Seekers and Sowers’, we have been investigating the role that Aboriginal Australians played in the exploration of Australia in the 1800’s. Through researching Edward John Eyre and his Aboriginal friend Wylie, T3 have been learning about some of the useful bush skills needed to survive in the harsh environments of our country.

Students made Model Mia Mias and used grass to make rope. Great job, T3! 🙂
T3 Mia Mias on PhotoPeach

Captions vy Ebony B.; Heau H., Rachael W. and Zac D. from T3

The students have learnt to make string from grass and have used this to construct shelters (Mia Mias or Wiltjas). Their shelters were then put through weather tests to see if they would remain dry in a rain storm and that the shelter would survive strong winds.

Zac D. has made a short clip to show you how to make string from grass, which was used in the construction of the mia mias or wiltjas.

Photos by Belinda Symes; Captions acknowledged and Video by Zac D.; Posted by D. Veary

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