In response to their learning during Reconciliation Week, and inspired by the Bridge Walk for Reconciliation across Sydney Harbour Bridge in 2000, last week a couple of Year 4 students organised a similar walk around our school.  This is their story.

National Reconciliation Week - Empathy in Action 7On Tuesday, Ella and I organised a walk around the school to celebrate National Reconciliation Week. We made a few announcements over the PA to invite other students and staff and encouraged them to make banners and flags. We weren’t sure how many people would turn up but we hoped some people would join us.

National Reconciliation Week - Empathy in Action 8

After we ate our lunch, we waited in front of our classroom for people to join us. Before we knew it, about 50 students were with us, so we set off on our peaceful walk around the school. We had some of our favourite Indigenous musicians playing through a portable speaker and as we walked, we invited others to join us. National Reconciliation Week - Empathy in Action 9By the time we made our way across the oval, well over 100 students had joined in and we continued walking. We walked past the Library, in front of the staffroom, around the quadrangle and back down to the Year 4/5 playground.

It was great to see so many people come together to celebrate the importance of National Reconciliation Week – a time we can all work together to bring Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians together.

Written by Emillie B; Photos by Mr Murray; Posted by D. Veary 


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