This is the first in a series of Year 5 Kitchen Garden Journalists’ posts.  This was written by T10 journalists, Ariya N. and Yasmin C.  They did a great job with the photos as well as their writing.
Kitchen Garden News By T10 25
On a cold afternoon, wouldn’t you like a hot steaming cup of chickpea and pasta soup?  That’s what T10 made this week.
Kitchen Garden News By T10 26
First we gathered all our ingredients and chopped and peeled everything.  The vegetables were so vibrant and colourful. There were sweet orange carrots and eye-watering onions, which we diced finely. Then we turned on the stove and gently poured in the oil to fry our onions and herbs. Meanwhile, we activated our chickpeas with a gentle soaking, before we drained them, ready to add to our colourful plate of ingredients.
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After about five minutes we added the chickpeas with stock, and we stirred and stirred. It was not long before the whole entire kitchen was filled with the tasty scent of our soup. We tested the chickpeas and when they were soft, we added the pasta for another five minutes.  To finish it off, we carefully emptied the plate of greens into our soup.  The strong fresh smell of the coriander tingled our taste-buds.
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We dished up our soup into mugs and took them into our Kitchen Garden to eat as a class.  We sat under the big lemon tree and appreciated the plump lemons we’d just squeezed into our soup before serving.
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Yasmin and I asked everybody about the dish.  Everyone loved it and most people had second helpings.  This is what they said:
Dylan said: My favourite part was having fun with my friends and eating it.
Holly said: The hardest bit was cutting the onions.
Alby said: I accidentally added way too much lemon, so it’s super sour.
Eva said: It felt homey and very nice.
Kitchen Garden News By T10 30
On the 16 June, T10 had Garden and some pretty crazy stuff happened.  The Mushrooms group were given the job of working with the chickens.  However, the white chicken, Marshmellow, has mites!  She is currently in recovery. To kill the mites/scales, we had to spray Canola oil on her feet every day. In all probability, all the chickens had it too.
Kitchen Garden News By T10 31
Then an incident happened with the chicken feeder. In theory, it was to protect the food from rats. Terry thought it would be the perfect thing!  Turns out that the chickens are bored! They would peck the wooden pillar that drops the food down just for amusement and great amounts of food fell on the floor. (Perfect for feeding RATS!!)  T10 also shared some other funny chicken stories.
Kitchen Garden News By T10 32
Another group harvested rhubarb for the Year 4s because they’re making an apple and rhubarb tart.  Sounds yummy!
Enjoy our beautiful garden in these photos.
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Kitchen Garden News By T10 35
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Photos and written by Yasmin and Ariya; Posted by D.Veary

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