On Friday we held our annual thank you morning tea for all our volunteers.  With your help and support, we can achieve so much more!  Teachers brought in delicious morning tea treats to express their appreciation for our parents and greater school community who volunteer their time during the year.

A Musical Thank You To Our Volunteers 9

Afterwards, the IMMS students performed a special concert for our volunteers, supported by their musical directors: Wendy Armstrong with Brass/Woodwind Ensemble; Sunny Hardy and Bruce Godden with Guitar Ensemble, and Stacey Smart with the Percussion Ensemble.

A Musical Thank You To Our Volunteers 10

Ms Helen said:

A special thanks to our musical directors for bringing our ensembles together.  There was a lot of practice in the rehearsals and at home with fantastic parent support.  Students delivered their performances with gusto!

A Musical Thank You To Our Volunteers 11

Wendy Armstrong was presented with a card and a small gift to say thank you, as she will not be working with IMMS at MRPS next year.  She has been a very enthusiastic and hard-working teacher who has shared students’ progress and performances with us through this website over the years.  Thank you, Wendy!

A Musical Thank You To Our Volunteers 12

Enjoy the performances in these video clips, especially if you were unable to be there in person on Friday.

Written and Posted by D. Veary; Photos and video clips by Ms Helen


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  1. Helen Collis says:

    A fabulous performance by our IMSS students.
    Thank you to everyone who supported our wonderful volunteers.

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