As part of Musica Viva programme, …..Amber A. of Room 11 produced this outstanding piece of artwork depicting the change of tempo in this piece of music.

She has illustrated the music beautifully, as you can tell by the extract from Sirocco’s website, explaining the piece.

The Mongolian Horseman
This piece with its four sections features the dizi or bamboo flute. It is a traditional piece arranged by Sirocco, depicting the lone Mongolian horseman on the vast steppes ofAsia. This region of the world, with its many tribes and leaders such as Genghis Khan, Kublai Khan and Attila the Hun, has a fascinating history. The music begins slowly, setting the scene of the steppes. A steady rhythm is established by synthesizer in Section 2 before an increase in tempo in Section 3. Other instruments used are the chan-go, gungaroo (Indian dancing bell) and cymbals.