Student works reflecting integrated Indigenous perspectives in the curriculum were displayed on the walls of the Undercover area at the start of our Cultural Day on the 16th September. 
Class displays for Cultural Day on PhotoPeach

What a successful day it was!  Students participated enthusiastically in the wide range of activities offered by the visiting presenters and it was a valuable day of shared experiences of Indigenous culture and stories.  The day’s events were summed up well by Year 3 student, Sofia in Room 6:

On Friday the 16th of September it was our Aboriginal Cultural Day. The Aboriginal Cultural Day is a day when we celebrate the culture and history of Aboriginal people. The previous day the classes went to the undercover area to get each their group numbers. There were sixteen groups and each child was in a group that was one to sixteen. The groups would each go to activities around the school. Since it was a rainy day there was a change of plans and all the activities were indoors. The groups each did five activities, including the dance after lunch. There were over twenty activities around the school.  No group got to do all of them. We had aboriginal people visit our school.

I would like to list some of the activities that were organised around the school.
Here they are:
• The story of the Mimis (about being proud of who you are.)
• Aboriginal dancing (learning how to do Aboriginal dances.)
• Learning about Aboriginal art (learning that Aboriginal art is very different from other art.)
• Aboriginal paintings (painting pictures that are similar to the real Aboriginal paintings.)
• Dentist activities (learning about how to keep your teeth and mouth healthy.)
• Making masks (making masks out of coloured paper and a bit of fabric.)
• Story about Sorry Day (a movie all about what happened in the past around Sorry Day.)
• Animal caring (learning about Australian animals and learning about how to look after them.
• Tool making (learning how to make Aboriginal tools and having a go yourself.)
• Story about reconciliation (learning about why we Australians and Aboriginals should come together as one.)

Thanks, Sofia.  Enjoy this slideshow of the main activities and celebration.

 Indigenous Cultural Day Activities & Celebration on PhotoPeach


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