Mrps Win The Cross Country 3

The 2011 Natural-Leeuwin Interschool Cross Country was held at Gloucester Park on Friday.  Years 5 to 7 students from schools in the Naturaliste-Leeuwin area participated and there was much athletic talent on display.  Margaret River Primary School scooped the day, coming home winners.  In Mr K’s own words:

Congratulations to Courtenay and the cross-country team for winning the 2011 event. It has been a long time since we have won this prestigious shield and we are all very proud of the whole team. Although it requires the whole team to do well, special mention needs to be made to Jamaica S-3rd, Mah R-H 4th, Ben S-1st, Donny L- 2nd, Sunny K-4th, Sarah B- 1st, Rebekah Van Z, 3rd, Autumn K-4th, Michael A-2nd and Nakita H-2nd.

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