The children in Room 20 have been having fun using the Maker Space. Maker Spaces are taking off around the world where people are learning through making.

The Makerspace aims to develop a culture of creating, rather than consuming.

Img_1308 (Small)Today we reused things from our homes to make something. Firstly we thought about an idea and took a ‘photo’ inside our mind of what we wanted our creation to look like.  Then we collected recycled items and got creative. We used hot glue, masking tape and glue to stick things together.

Img_1307 (Small)

Finally,  we compared the end result to the plan we made at the start.  We all had so much fun.

Next time we look forward to exploring: electricity, simple circuits and how things work.

Written and photos by Clare Dallimore; Posted by D. Veary

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