Breaking Garden News 2016 photo 1Today it was T4’s second day of doing garden. First of all Suzie told us that today we would mostly be doing harvesting.

Terrific tomatoes were harvesting basil.  It smelt really strong and fresh and felt spicy up our noses.  This basil would be great for our bruschetta!
1 (Small)
Brilliant Broccoli were harvesting parsley.  Some of the kids  nearly picked the wrong plant.

2 (Small)
Crafty Capsicums were harvesting rosemary.  They had to cut the tips off the rosemary plant and fill a bowl with the wonderful smelling herb.

3 (Small)
Cool Carrots were harvesting spring onions. Luckily it wasn’t too strong for their eyes.
5 (Small)
Radical radishes were harvesting oregano.  When they chopped the buds off and put them into a bowl they felt very soft.
4 (Small)
Marvellous Mushrooms were harvesting silver beet. The group had to harvest the young, bright green leaves as they were the tastiest.
6 (Small)
Amazing Apples were harvesting chives and thyme. It was hard for them to pick the plants because the plant was very difficult to pick as the leaves are small.

After all that fuss T4 enjoyed some yummy figs.  Everybody is looking forward to our next Garden lesson next week.

Written and photos by our T4 Journalists, Annabel and Sara; Posted by D. Veary