On Wednesday the 11th of March, Room 18 made their own fresh juice. We visited the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden.

1We picked; spinach, mint, parsley and tomatoes from the kitchen garden to put into the juice.



4We also added; ginger, apple, celery and carrot to the mix. Everyone had a turn at juicing something.

5We predicted the volume of the jug and made sure we made enough juice for 23 people. Nearly everyone loved the taste. Some of us preferred watching the different colour juices drip into the jug.

6We all had a go at recounting the experience. It was lots of fun.

Then on 17th March, Room 20 had fun cooking. We made biscuits in the shape of ‘i’ or ‘I’ with Mr K.  To balance out the sweet biscuits, we went on a sensory walk to the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden. We used our eyes to look, our noses to smell, our hands to feel and our mouths to taste. Henry picked a yellow lemon from a high branch.

1We also picked; spinach, parsley, mint, lemon and tomatoes.
We really enjoyed choosing a fruit or vegetable to juice and watching it disappear down the chute and turn into juice.
3We enjoyed drinking our juice outside…4(in between rain showers), and eating our yummy biscuits.


Photos and written by Clare Dallimore; Posted by D. Veary

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